Present Thinking

I was inspired this week when I spent an hour or so with someone for whom a lot of things had, to an outside observer, gone “wrong” – but that is not how she saw it. Her reaction was much more along the lines of “so what do I do about it?” or, “so, this is what I’ve decided to do as a result…

As I have thought about our conversation it’s occurred to me how easy it is to over-complicate all this ‘stuff’ about leadership and constructiveness.
If you’ve been flowing my posts for a while you’ll expect my next comment – it’s all about our thinking.

And ‘living in the present’ is the most empowering way to think. There’s little value in dwelling on the past – understand it and be determined not to repeat any errors – and there’s not much point in worrying about the future – plan for it but do things NOW to make it the best it can be!