Our commitment to our Clients

In all our work, we make a commitment to the following five principles:


  1. Confidentiality


We greatly value our role in learning about organisations and the people who work in them – our capacity to deliver personal and organisational benefits depends on knowing a substantial amount about both. In this regard, we treat any information about our client’s business and about the people who undertake any assessment in the strictest confidence.


We will not disclose to anyone outside of the client any information that you share with us about your business and we will not disclose any information that individuals share with us about themselves with anyone else within or outside of the client organisation.


It is even for individuals to decide to share their assessment results with others when they are able to do so. (Although we strongly recommend that, to create a constructive, trusting and open relationship with colleagues, individuals should share the feedback that has been given to them.)


  1. Client driven and not consultant driven


It is our strong belief that, for an organisation or an individual to make changes that deliver beneficial, sustainable results, the impetus for the change must come from within.


Our role is as a facilitator, advisor and supporter of decisions that our clients make. We do not believe that we can or should make decisions about your business but we will provide the resources and our expertise to help you to make and implement the decisions that are best for your business.


  1. Creating capacity and not dependence


It is our intention to make ourselves redundant in time.


Creating a long-term dependency on external consulting expertise is not sustainable for Practical Workplace Strategies or for our clients.


Rather, building capacity within individuals and organisations to make decisions and implement constructive change builds independence and strength in outstanding organisations.   And outstanding organisations are sustainable and great places to work.


  1. Maximizing consultation at all levels of the organisation


Organisation change impacts on all people who work in the organisation – and in our view, all those impacted by change should be consulted and involved as much as is practical.


While we frequently work with the managers of our client organisations, we encourage and seek opportunities for people at all levels to be informed and involved wherever possible.


This involvement greatly increases the chance of successful and sustainable change.


  1. Solutions recommended are based on evidence and understanding rather than creating a long-term solution at the outset.


By using internationally recognised assessment instruments, PWS seeks to provide solutions for our clients that are based on evidence and have a solid grounding in data.


Because of this (and because much can change over time in an organisation as attention to culture and personal leadership style begins to impact on people, systems and structures) our approach is to recommend actions a step at a time, with long-term change driven by decisions made within the organisation at the end of each key step, and based on the results attained and the key needs at the time.